the golda story


from grandmother to granddaughter

Golda Kombucha is Georgia’s first and finest sparkling kombucha tea. Inspired by a treasured family recipe with fruit and herb flavors native to Georgia, Golda’s founder (Melanie Wade), began developing kombucha while in college and has since expanded across the Southeast.

Golda Kombucha is more than a business venture—it’s a family’s history. Our kombucha recipe and the culture used for fermentation were passed down from grandmother Golda, the business’ namesake. A living testament to wellness, Golda is 95-years-old and resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She has been brewing and perfecting her unique kombucha recipe for over 40 years, now passed down to Golda Kombucha’s founder, Melanie.

After experimenting with profiles like lavender-lemonade and peach-ginger in her home kitchen, Melanie was ready to bring her product to market. Golda Kombucha debuted to the public in 2013 at local farmers markets and craft fairs around Georgia. We soon discovered that Atlantans couldn’t get enough of this time-tested family recipe.

As demand grew, we doubled the size of Golda Kombucha’s facility and moved to a brewery on the east side of Atlanta. Today, the teas are available on tap, in ready-to-drink cans, and in growlers at dozens of restaurants, bars, and grocers throughout the Southeast (including in over 100 Kroger supermarkets and in several Whole Foods Markets).